The Critical Role of Conscious Leadership

Who do you want to be as a leader, and how do you want to engage with your team? Conscious leadership is about recognizing your below-the-line thinking and habits and creating new habits that allow you to lead from above-the-line and teach your team members the same patterns.

In this solo episode of the Inspirational Leadership podcast, I discuss the critical role of conscious leadership in creating high-performing teams and organizations. Conscious leadership is about showing up in the world from a place of responding instead of from a place of reactivity.

Listen in to learn the difference between the below-the-line victim mentality and the above-the line creator mentality and how to develop the latter.

Key Takeaways:

  • The seriousness of below-the-line versus the playfulness of above-the-line leadership.
  • How leading above the line gives you the ability to notice patterns and create new habits.
  • The learning and growth that occur when you engage in healthy communication with others.
  • How to commit to creating new habits that lead to deeper relationships and creative problem-solving with conscious leadership.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • [01:00] Are you above the line or below the line in your leadership?
  • [02:33] Going below the line – seeing the world as things are happening to you and the statements you hear.
  • [04:42] The negative feelings that go along with being below the line and their consequences.
  • [06:14] The scarcity beliefs that occur when leading from below the line.
  • [07:43] Going above the line – seeing the world as things are happening by you where you can learn and grow.
  • [09:48] The statements you start to notice when leading from above the line.
  • [11:24] How your body sensations react and the behaviors that occur when you’re above the line.
  • [14:00] The beliefs and internal inquisition that show up when you’re above the line.
  • [15:09] How to make the empowered choice of being above the line when responding to others below the line.
  • [16:50] The choice of being a conscious leader by challenging your thoughts and forming new habits.

Standout Quotes:

“Conscious leadership is the process by which a leader becomes radically responsible, self-aware, and focuses on building a culture of “we” rather than a culture of “me.”– Kristen [00:47]

“The more you can neutrally non-judgmentally notice what you’re feeling, the more you can give space for that.”– Kristen [12:23]

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