Kristen Harcourt | Certified Professional Coach

The definition of success is changing for many people. It's not just about achieving wealth, respect or fame but about creating a career and life that feels good on the inside.

Are you ready to live more courageously and tap into your full potential?

My passion as a coach is to help you become more attuned and self-aware so that you can achieve the goals that matter to you, connect to your purpose, align with your values and have more fulfillment in your work and life.

I work with individuals who are seeking coaching on their own as well as with organizations who understand the importance of developing and supporting their leaders at various stages in their career journey.

You may be a leader who wants to make a bigger impact, build stronger relationships, have greater confidence and develop your emotional intelligence skills. Or maybe you're experiencing a transition in your life and you're ready for change. You want to live a life that inspires you, nourishes you and fuels your passions.

Coaching will prove especially beneficial if you want to:

• get unstuck
• gain clarity around your purpose and values
• develop an action plan for achieving your goals
• strengthen your leadership
• make a positive impact doing meaningful work
• identify & change behaviors that are holding you back
• stay focused and accountable
• reduce stress and create healthy boundaries
• show up authentically

► You will feel empowered to take meaningful action and create deep-rooted shifts in all areas of your work and life. It would be a privilege to work with you. Book a complimentary coaching conversation to experience the power of coaching firsthand and find out if this is the right path for you.

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