The Impact of Leadership on Organizational Performance with Jeremy Laurin

For this week’s episode of Inspirational Leadership I spoke with Jeremy Laurin, the Senior Vice President, External Relations and Business Development at Loyalist College.

Jeremy joined Loyalist College in May 2020 and is responsible for Marketing, Communications, Recruitment, Workforce Development, Applied Research, Career Services, Work Integrated Learning, Continuing Education and the College’s Foundation.

Previously he was the Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at the Ontario Centres of Excellence, now the Ontario Centre of Innovation.  There Jeremy led an experienced team of Business Development Managers to all corners of the province to find out what’s needed by industry and explore the halls and labs of academia for the latest innovations breakthroughs. Jeremy and his team helped commercialize innovations, transfer technologies and develop promising talent to grow the Ontario economy. Prior to OCE, Jeremy was the founding President and CEO of ventureLAB, an innovation hub for Central Ontario and the northern GTA that reaches more than 1.8 million Ontarians.

An entrepreneur at heart, Jeremy founded his first of three technology firms in 1997. Under his guidance, all three were born global. Jeremy’s responsibilities included opening offices in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and the United States.

Jeremy is a featured TEDx Speaker on how his life as an entrepreneur has made an impact on people and communities, and an Adjunct Professor in York University’s Faculty of Health.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Being open and creating space for exploration when it comes to mapping out your career
  • Learning how to become comfortable with uncertainty and staying the course
  • The value of creating ecosystems with like minded people
  • Creating cultures that are built around the values of responsive, genuine and attuned
  • Why doing what you say you’re going to do can have a profound impact on organizations
  • Mobilizing your team to achieve business goals and generating positive change
  • How to adopt an operator mindset in your day to day actions for greater accountability
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and engaging in meaningful and authentic communication
  • How to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset for increased creativity and innovation at work

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Show Notes:

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