Unleashing the Potential of Women with Morna Haist

For this week’s episode of Inspirational Leadership I spoke with Morna Haist, the CEO and Founder of Revolutionary Woman™ Global.

Morna is a global leader in designing and holding spaces for transformation and has created hundreds of transformational learning events for thousands of diverse groups of female leaders and entrepreneurs around the world.  She designs powerful spaces and learning journeys that cut through the noise so women can tune into their highest purpose, fully SHOW UP, take effective, courageous and SANE action and make the difference in the world we need now.

As a pioneer in 21st Century Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Morna has learned to thrive working at the edge of what’s possible. As a serial entrepreneur and businesswoman, she has co-created multiple innovative startups and experiments in personal and social change in diverse contexts.  In her own two decade transformation practice she has spoken, mentored and consulted around the world with leaders, businesses and organizations pioneering the next frontier.

Morna served as the vice-chair of the ALIA Institute, was Founding Chair of Ako Books, and chair of the former Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University.  Morna is a graduate of the ALIA Institute global leadership program, Naropa University’s Authentic Leadership program, a certified NLP Master Practitioner and MBIT (multiple brains) Coach.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • What happens when women are empowered to lead change in their own lives, families, communities and organizations
  • Applying an adult development lens to growth and transformation
  • Understanding your own leadership capacity and how to leverage it to solve complex issues
  • Why we need revolutionary action on the planet right now and the challenges we face
  • How leadership and transformation is an inside job and begins and ends there
  • Why it’s urgent and imperative that we have women’s voices at the table
  • How to build the muscle to be comfortable engaging with different perspectives
  • Dismantling outdated systems in organizations built on colonization, patriarchal thinking, racial bias, as well as mechanical and industrial revolution thinking
  • Leaning into the practice of revolutionary leadership by tuning into your purpose, creating boundaries of conscious intention and becoming more aware of how you’re showing up

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Show Notes:

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