From Surviving to Thriving with Janine Dennis

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Janine Dennis, the Owner/Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC, a business strategy and management consulting firm. Her career spans over fifteen years in HR, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Management that has taken her through the world of pharmaceuticals, K-12 education, technology, private equity, healthcare, staffing, and R&D. Janine is a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and an important and respected voice bringing both a human touch and business savvy to the companies and businesses she works with.

Janine doesn’t just preach innovation-she lives it. A globally-known figure in Human Resources and Business, she is a contributor for HRD Connect and Ultimate Software. Janine is a rare professional who isn’t afraid to tackle the obstacles and issues facing us as a society and global marketplace. She has been quoted by HBR, Thrive Global, Bustle, The Cut, Atlanta BlackStar, Newsday, SHRM, USA Today and has been featured by Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Black Enterprise, and Ebony Magazines. In 2013, Janine was also named one of the Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts on Twitter by Huffington Post and one of 50+ Unstoppable Women in HR Tech by Clear Company. Additionally, she was a part of the first-ever IBM + Purematter VIP Futurist Project.

Janine is currently in the process of transitioning her knowledge and work in HR to focus on both Future of Life and Total Wellness as well as sprouting a technology company that will address the challenges the differently-abled community has in becoming gainfully employed. She proves that humility, innovation, and practical thinking has value and is fast becoming the new business imperative.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Taking the time to be present, practicing gratitude and the benefits of meditation
  • Why we need more space to make mistakes and to play at work
  • Creating ecosystems that encourage innovation and creativity
  • Why companies must implement realistic strategies when it comes to diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging
  • Making conscious choices as a company and evaluating the moral and ethical implications
  • The importance of taking good care of yourself and taking good care of your people
  • What it looks like to be a conscious leader

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Show Notes

Janine’s Podcast: Growth on my Terms

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