Everyday Legacy with Codi Shewan

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I had a powerful discussion with Codi Shewan, the President and Founder of EverLearn Associates.

“A legacy is something you live, not what you leave behind.”

An unconventional statement that beautifully articulates Codi Shewan’s perspective on life. If you asked him to sum up what Everyday Legacy is in a sentence, he’d say that it’s about knowing what’s important in your life and making choices about who you show up as in the world, right now.

Having spent two decades working in the death-care profession, in 2014, Codi leapt from an executive position in corporate funeral services to the entrepreneurial world. As a consultant and speaker, he’s on a mission to redefine legacy. He’s boldly determined to enlighten people that a legacy is not something you leave but something you personify, each day of your life – and you can realize the power of your own positive influence while you’re still here.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Why we have the definition of legacy all wrong
  • Understanding the depth and breadth of your impact in the world and multiplying it
  • How so many regrets can be avoided with very manageable changes in behavior
  • Why we can’t manage others before we first manage ourselves
  • The power of micro-acknowledgements and letting people know the difference they make in your life
  • Taking the time to pause on a consistent basis and celebrating milestones
  • Why vulnerability is the magic equation that too many leaders are missing
  • How to live with purpose, on purpose every single day

Listen to the podcast here:

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Show Notes

You can find Codi on your favorite social channels here: @codishewan

Codi Shewan’s Book: Everyday Legacy: Lessons for Living with Purpose Right Now

Codi Shewan’s Speaking Website

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