Setting Healthy Boundaries

How strong are your boundaries at work and in your personal life? Setting healthy boundaries is something most people struggle with due to self-limiting beliefs and patterns you can unlearn. To reap the fruits of setting healthy boundaries, you have to get clear about your needs and stay committed to them.

In this solo episode of the Inspirational Leadership podcast, I discuss the power of learning to set healthy boundaries by getting clear about your needs at work and in life. She explains how self-limiting beliefs such as people pleasing, hyper-achieving, peacemaking, controlling behaviors, avoidant personality, perfectionism, and victim mentality negatively impact setting healthy boundaries.

Listen in to learn the importance of having compassion for yourself when setting boundaries because there are systems set up for you to stay within the unhealthy boundaries.

Key Takeaways:

  • How people pleasing negatively impacts setting healthy boundaries.
  • How hyper-achieving can impact your relationship with others and your well-being.
  • Why being a peacemaker in family and work dynamics can lead to being there for others and not yourself.
  • Have compassion for yourself because there are systems set up for you to stay within the unhealthy boundaries.
  • Learning how to set boundaries at work from an empowered place without it always being a yes.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • [01:50] Understand that setting healthy boundaries is a journey that’s constantly evolving and shifting.
  • [02:20] How self-limiting beliefs such as behaviors and personalities negatively impact setting healthy boundaries.
  • [09:53] The importance of pausing before making a decision, attuning to your body, and listening to your truth.
  • [12:30] How to be clear and intentional about the commitments and goals you want to make.
  • [13:33] Kristen shares some examples of what it looks like to set boundaries in her business.
  • [17:40] Understanding what getting clear and setting boundaries should look like in your personal life.

Standout Quote:

  • “When it comes to boundaries, this is something that’s constantly evolving, shifting, and it is a journey, not a destination.”– Kristen [01:11]
  • “The clearer you are on what you’d like commitment to look like, the easier it is to recognize when you’re in alignment and out of alignment because you’re really clear on what that commitment is.”– Kristen [13:00]

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Book Recommendation:

Needy: How to Advocate for Your Needs and Claim Your Sovereignty

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