The Value of a Progressive Workplace with Sudha Dwivedi

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Sudha Dwivedi, who’s the Chief Human Resources Officer at Teranet and is responsible for leading their global HR team.

She is a passionate champion of inclusion and diversity, ensuring Teranet is a progressive workplace where everyone has a seat at the table and that all voices are heard. Sudha specializes in creating large-scale employee engagement and development programs that bring Teranet’s culture of continuous learning to life throughout the employee’s tenure with the company. Sudha implements talent management strategies that drive the achievement of their business goals.

Before joining Teranet, Sudha was Director of Human Resources at a Fortune 500 leading medical technology company. She was a member of the Canadian Leadership Team, providing strategic counsel to all levels of the organization on pertinent areas including employee relations, succession planning, talent acquisition, learning and development and overall organizational effectiveness. She has also held leadership and progressive HR roles in the industries of Healthcare, Financial Services, Consulting and Transportation.

A native Montrealer, Sudha holds an MBA from Concordia University and a Bachelor’s degree from McGill. She is also a certified Leadership and Life Skills coach. Having lived with her husband and two sons in the Toronto area for more than 20 years, she will root for the Blue Jays and Raptors, yet remains a committed Habs fan.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • How to support people bringing their whole selves to work
  • Why values and culture must be the operating model of how you show up
  • Understanding how to care for your team and employees holistically
  • Taking your organization on a learning journey around systemic change
  • Producing transformation from inside and taking a grassroots approach
  • Why all leaders need to be coaches and learn how to serve others
  • Creating psychological safety where people feel safe making mistakes
  • Not only is it okay to be vulnerable, it’s an imperative leadership skill
  • Stepping into courageous conversations as an HR leader
  • Why marginalized groups can’t advance unless everyone is part of the solution

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Show Notes:

Learn more about Sudha and Teranet here

Connect with Sudha on Linkedin

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