Managing Up and Mastering Assertiveness with Kim Boudreau Smith

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Kim Boudreau Smith who’s passionate about helping women find (and use!) their bold voices. A born entrepreneur with 25-years as a leader in Corporate America, Kim rocks at showing female entrepreneurs and high-performing professional women how to develop their speaking confidence, level up their presence, and increase their profitability. Kim’s raw, slightly rebellious, and always riveting speaking style makes her a go-to speaker for women’s business and professional conferences, associations, employee resource groups, and podcasts. Prior to launching her career as a professional speaker and speaking coach, Kim was the head of a radio station and for 25+ years ran a thriving fitness business. Kim is also the co-author of several Amazon bestselling books.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • What it looks like to let go of conditioning and boldly own your voice
  • Creating a new relationship with Imposter Syndrome
  • What causes women to put so many expectations and stress on themselves
  • Working with your physical sensations when stepping up more fully
  • What it looks like to assert from a place of confidence and compassion
  • Pre-stage rituals you can engage in to have a much bigger impact
  • How to show up with radical candor in your leadership
  • What organizations can do to create more equitable and human workplaces
  • How to improve your negotiation skills and ask for what you want (and get it)

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Show Notes:

Learn more about Kim and her work here

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Book recommendation: Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

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