Bringing a More Human Approach to Business with Mark LeBusque

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Mark LeBusque, who’s universally known as the “Human Manager” and his proven techniques for elevating leaders and energizing employees make him an internationally sought after speaker, facilitator, mentor and coach. His books BEING HUMAN and the little book of HUMAN have challenged the way Managers and Organizations view the value of the 100- year old Management system and has sparked a more Human approach across the globe.

He has an innate ability to both speak and seek the truth, provoke humans to step into their own reality and skillfully combines practicality and simplicity with textbook theory.

Mark is Harvard Business School Trained and an accredited Practitioner in Adaptive Leadership and Instincts at Work. With experience across a wide range of areas from the floor to the boardroom in operations, customer service, sales, human resources, general management and education he believes that starting with Human Being creates better Human Doing, and Humannovation drives Innovation.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • What it looks like to truly create a people first workplace
  • The problem with promoting leaders beyond their level of competence
  • Why focusing on the humans has an incredible impact on business results
  • Recognizing that meaningful change never looks like a straight line to success
  • Why you need to start re-imagining and re-framing what trust looks like in leadership
  • Being prepared to sit in the discomfort when you are showing up differently
  • How to focus more on who you’re being before you engage in the doing
  • Why you need to lead self first before you lead your team and the organization
  • Shifting leadership training to have a greater emphasis on self-development

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Show Notes:

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