Own Your Company Culture with Bretton Putter

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Bretton Putter. Bretton is an expert in company culture development who is consulted by companies and leaders worldwide to help design, develop and build high-performing cultures. He is the CEO of CultureGene, a culture leadership software and services platform. Prior to founding CultureGene, Bretton spent 16 years as the Managing Partner of a leading executive search firm based in London working with startups and high-growth companies in the UK, Europe and USA.

Bretton has written two books on the subject of company culture. Culture Decks Decoded was published in 2018 and Own Your Culture: How to Define, Embed and Manage your Company Culture was published in September 2020. He also writes a popular blog on culture-driven companies and is a sought-after speaker.  

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Why culture is the missing link for so many companies
  • Shifting to values-based hiring instead of trying to assess culture-fit
  • Learning from companies like Pollen who embrace the mission: We want everyone to leave the company 10x better than when you joined
  • Why Brett had to speak with over 500 companies to find just over 50 that were worth interviewing for his book
  • The six ways to embed culture in your company
  • Why leaders in strong cultures have learned how to keep their egos in check
  • Understanding the five leader archetypes
  • How to survive and thrive in a remote or hybrid work environment

Listen to the podcast here:

Watch the video here:

Show Notes

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