Why HR Needs to Own Their Value with Laura Mazzullo

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Laura Mazzullo. Laura is the Founder and Owner of East Side Staffing, a boutique Recruitment Firm specializing in the placement of experienced HR professionals. East Side Staffing’s values are Kindness, Curiosity and Humility. Laura is led by those values and is committed to, and passionate about, talent acquisition by consistently creating new ways to innovate and partner with her HR network. Laura has developed a successful career in recruitment and brings an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building relationships. Laura combines her recruitment expertise with a consultative approach to offer a personalized, coaching service for both candidates and clients.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Releasing ego and focusing on progress instead of perfection
  • What keeps HR from seeing their worth and value
  • Recognizing that it’s not weak to ask for help
  • The importance of advocating for yourself and holding boundaries
  • Bringing more humanity, emotions and wellbeing into the workplace
  • Why workplaces need to shift their mindset from “what do we want” to “what do our current and future employees want”
  • Working with recruiters and vendors who are aligned with your values and company brand
  • surrounding yourself with a community of peers who lift you up where you feel comfortable being vulnerable

Listen to the podcast here:

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Show Notes

You can connect with Laura on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Book Recommendations in this episode: Ask for More: 10 Questions to Negotiate Anything by Alexandra Carter

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