Leadership is a Work in Progress with Heather Younger

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership I spoke with Heather Younger who is the Founder & CEO of Customer Fanatix. Heather is a best-selling author, international TEDx speaker on adversity, podcast host on leadership, facilitator and coach. She has earned her reputation as “The Employee Whisperer”.  Her experiences as a CEO, entrepreneur, manager, attorney, writer, coach, listener, speaker, collaborator and mother all lend themselves to a laser-focused clarity into what makes employees of organizations and companies – large and small – tick.

Her book The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty hit Forbes Must-Read list and is a go-to source for HR professionals seeking insight into their organization’s’ dynamics. Heather serves on the Board of Directors for Mile High SHRM in Denver, Colorado.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Why listening to your workforce is the number one thing you can do if you want to create a more positive work culture
  • How emotional intelligence has a huge impact on human connection
  • How leaders have the positive power to change the lives of the people they lead
  • How coaching helps leaders to think way outside the box
  • Why accountability is so critical in leadership
  • Why leadership involves the willingness to think differently and challenge beliefs
  • Why leading with heart produces an amazing ROI
  • Remembering that leadership can be about embracing the mess
  • Bringing our whole selves to work

Listen to the podcast here:

Watch the interview here:

How are you setting up your leaders for success? What are you doing to invest in your own personal development?

Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another ~ John C. Maxwell

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