How to Create More Life-Work Integration

What does life-work integration look like for you? When it comes to life-work integration, there is no one-size-fits-all. If you want to achieve your version of success and feel fulfillment and well-being, you must create space for introspection to get clear on your vision and make more aligned choices.

In this solo episode of the Inspirational Leadership podcast, I discuss what life-work integration means and where ambitious, high-performing leaders can get stuck. I also explain the importance of getting clear on your values, what matters most to you, and your boundaries to have an aligned life-work integration.

Listen in to learn how to redefine what success looks like for you to make it easier to develop behaviors, habits and actions that will lead to greater meaning, purpose and self-actualization.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create the space for introspection that allows you to make more aligned choices.
  • How to recognize what is true for you and honor your “Yes” and “No”.
  • How getting clear on your boundaries will help you to make better decisions around life-work integration.
  • How to have daring conversations and ask for what you need as a way to have healthier boundaries.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • [1:42] Why high performers find it hard to say yes to what they want due to their attachment to work.
  • [3:32] How to get clear on your values and what’s important to you to easily honor your choices.
  • [5:17] How to get clear about what you want your boundaries to look like.
  • [7:11] How to get clear around your needs and ask for those needs personally and professionally.
  • [8:15] Redefine what success looks like for you to make it easier to take actions aligned with that.
  • [9:46] How to get unhooked from the story that attaches your worth to your work.

Standout Quotes:

  • “When you get clear on your values, and what matters most to you, it’s much easier to honor the commitments you’re making to yourself because it starts to feel uncomfortable and out of alignment when you’re not honoring those values.”– Kristen [4:10]
  • “Getting really clear on your boundaries helps you to be able to make better decisions around life-work integration.”– Kristen [6:51]

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