Amplifying Your Authentic Leadership with Roxanne Derhodge

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Roxanne Derhodge, who’s a registered psychotherapist, corporate consultant, keynote speaker, coach, trainer and author. With over 20 years’ experience, she works with senior leadership to enhance their resilience and assists companies with their corporate mental health strategies. She has presented at national conferences to companies and associations on mental health and wellness. A BIPOC leader, Roxanne is an Amazon bestselling author. Her new book, ROR – Return on Relationships: Amplify Your Authentic Leadership to Create More Resilient Teams is due to be released in May 2022. The book has strategies for authentic leaders to enhance leadership awareness and functionalities in order to create teams with more resilience.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • What it looks like to merge your work persona and home persona
  • Understanding and changing core patterns that are no longer serving you
  • How to be more objective when receiving constructive feedback
  • Recognizing that when you’re stressed and depleted you’re going to be a lot more reactive (and how to manage this better)
  • How to get more attuned to your body’s physical intelligence
  • An exercise to help you re-calibrate and remember what matters most to you
  • How to lead from your heart and become a more authentic leader
  • Why trustworthiness, transparency, integrity and making sure your words AND actions match are the cornerstones of transformational leadership

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Show Notes:

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