Transformational Change and High Performance with Michael K. Sahota

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Michael K. Sahota, who’s a Thought Leader, Author, Trainer and Speaker in the Agile Industry. Michael is the founder and CEO of SHIFT314 Inc: a next-generation conscious training & consulting firm that specializes in Culture, Organizational Evolution and Evolutionary Leadership. He has developed a unique IP to unlock success with Agile, Digital, Lean, and other new ways of working.

Michael is professionally trained as an Engineer, an M.Sc. in Computer Science and has published papers on Artificial Intelligence. He has always been curious about how to make things work and has shifted this focus within his career from computers and software systems to people and organizational systems. Michael’s relentless quest took him to India to study consciousness from enlightened masters. His work reflects the deep integration of Eastern wisdom traditions into practical business guidance.

Michael’s life’s work is a system to enable evolutionary capabilities in people and organizations, creating high performance through Business Agility. Michael’s latest book “Leading Beyond Change” is a practical guide on “How To” lead evolutionary change and unlock the success of your organization.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • How to create a high-performance organization
  • Why current approaches to organizational change don’t work and what leaders can do differently
  • Understanding how we function as human beings and finding our own path to excellence
  • Moving from servant leadership to evolutionary leadership
  • The truth about employee engagement and company culture
  • Recognizing that if you want different outcomes from your teams, you have to show up differently as a leader – it starts and stops with you
  • Why our brains are designed to keep us from learning and how to break out of it
  • The importance of working on your edges and identifying destructive behavior patterns

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Show Notes:

To learn more about Michael and his work, you can visit his website here

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