Creating a Values-Driven Culture with MaryBeth Hyland

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with MaryBeth Hyland. As the Founder and Chief Visionary of SparkVision, MaryBeth knows that extraordinary success is rooted in the vision, values, and culture crafted by purpose-driven leaders and their tribe. With over 12 years of experience, built on knowledge from a BA in Social Work and MS in Nonprofit Management, she’s known for her ability to create movements across generations.

She does that with the understanding that we all have a deep desire to know and return to our most authentic selves – at work, home and within. As a certified mediator, mindfulness instructor, and values expert she engages audiences and teams all over the world with her authentic style of facilitation, coaching and empowerment.

Her recent awards include, “Circle of Excellence”, “Innovator of the Year”, “Top 100 Women”, “Civic Engagement Leader” and “Leading Women”. Her personal life’s mission is to create spaces where voices are heard, stories are released, and purpose is ignited.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Why disengagement is often a symptom that organizations have stopped listening and they’re no longer inviting people to speak up
  • How you can be lovingly accountable in your day-to-day actions and inspire that in others
  • What it looks like to integrate both your personal and business values
  • Creating a sense of energy and purpose on a regular basis
  • Recognizing that survival doesn’t have to mean pain and suffering
  • Why we should all have permission to be HUMAN at work
  • Meeting people where they are and having compassion for their experience
  • Why 95% of Americans are considering a new career and what it has to teach us
  • How to make values-based decisions around a hybrid work environment

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Show Notes:

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MaryBeth’s new book – Permission to Be Human: The Conscious Leader’s Guide to Creating a Values-Driven Culture

Learn more about MaryBeth’s work at SparkVision

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