Increasing Your Emotional Resilience with Karlyn Percil

For this week’s Inspirational Leadership Podcast I spoke with Karlyn Percil. Karlyn is a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Life Coach with a particular focus on Diversity, Inclusion, Workplace Wellness and Belonging. She is the CEO of of KDPM Consulting Group INC and the Founder of The SisterTalk Group Leadership and Wellness Academy. Karlyn is a former bank executive, who has dedicated her career to helping companies identify problem areas, known as “Elephant Stories,” that may interfere with an organization’s inclusion and human optimization goals.

She also provides transformational tools, like The Success Planner and The Wellbeing Playbook helping women, teams and individuals increase their emotional and social intelligence in order to lead and live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. She is the Wellness and Life Coach Expert on Cityline and is most recognized for her multiple features on Oprah’s Lifeclass and mentions in Forbes, Essence, Globe and Mail.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Why “Shoulding” is your gateway to suffering
  • Why you need to get in the habit of writing yourself permission slips
  • The importance of putting yourself first in order to become a better leader
  • Why your blind spots hold so much wisdom
  • How your patterns and habits can get in the way of your full potential
  • The payoff for creating more time for self-reflection
  • How you can cultivate shame resilience when you give shame empathy

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Show Notes:

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